Monthly Exam Analysis Meeting
On the afternoon of 5th January, the Senior High School Division held a regular meeting of all teachers and the third monthly examination performance analysis meeting in the Lecture Hall of the east campus, which was presided over by Deputy Director Jiang Shengyou and attended by Executive Vice Principal Liu Bing, Executive Vice Principal Hu Qilin, Assistant Principal Xu Zuitai, Director Wang Yinchai of the International Department, Deputy Director Xu Haihong, Deputy Director Jiang Shengyou in addition to all teachers of the Senior High School Division.
The first item of the meeting was the analysis of the third monthly examination results by Deputy Director Jiang Shengyou. To illustrate, teaching quality is the lifeblood of a school. As one of the regular teaching activities, monthly examination is also an effective way to check the teaching situation. Deputy Director Jiang Shengyou analyzed the results by grade, comparing each class and each subject separately, who wanted the teachers to look for their own weaknesses and learn from other teachers' strengths through data.
The second item of the meeting is a speech by Assistant Principal Xu Zuitai. First of all, he congratulated the classes with excellent results and affirmed the efforts of the teachers; Second of all, Principal Assistant Xu Zuitai planned the tasks for the coming month in terms of school safety, final exams, and regular work. He especially stressed that everyone must do their work meticulously and solidly in the last month of the term.
At the end of the meeting, Assistant Principal Xu Zuitai inspired the teachers of the Senior High School Division to work together and pursue excellence with 'tireless efforts to overcome all difficulties'.