English Fun Dubbing Contest
In order to stimulate students' interest in learning English, and improve their English listening and speaking abilities, the eighth grade lesson preparation group of our school held a unique English dubbing activity in the third class on 8th January, 2024.
Specifically, a total of 10 classes participated in this Grade 8 dubbing activity with each class sending two to four outstanding students to participate. Under the guidance of the teachers, the contestants of each class chose their favorite English movie clips through the dubbing software, who repeatedly practiced pronunciation during their spare time, meticulously pondering and striving to perfectly present the emotions of the characters in the dubbing. At the competition, the players were confident and committed. Whether it is the warm and touching 'Frozen' clip or the tense and exciting 'Lion King' clip, the contestants interpreted the roles with their own voices, allowing the audience to feel the charm of English. Thus, their wonderful performance won the applause of the teachers and students present. Through the fierce competition, the following awards were awarded: 
First prize winners: Classes 809 and 807
Second prize candidates: Classes 810, 804 and 803
Third prize contestants: Classes 801, 802, 805, 806 and 808
In conclusion, the successful holding of this English fun dubbing activity provides a platform for students to display themselves and cultivate their English expression ability, improving their teamwork spirit and competitive consciousness. On the other hand, the students gained knowledge and happiness in the activity. Therefore, it's believed that in the future of English learning, they will be more brave to demonstrate themselves and meet more challenges!