Maths Contest
On 8th January, 2024, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High School Division of the east campus held a math competition, which was not only a test of students' mathematical knowledge, but also inspired their love and pursuit of mathematics.
To be specific, in the competition, students needed to apply their mathematical knowledge, such as algebra, geometry, and logical reasoning, to solve a series of challenging math problems. Also, they were supposed to solve problems quickly and accurately in a limited time, which not only tested their knowledge mastery, but also cultivated their problem-solving skills and psychological quality.
What's more, the results of the competition showed that a great many students displayed excellent problem-solving ability and innovative thinking in the competition. Additionally, through their own efforts and hard work, students have achieved excellent results and won honors and awards. Meanwhile, the achievement of these results is not only an affirmation of students' personal ability, but also an affirmation of the mathematics education they have received.
To put it in a nutshell, in the coming days, we expect more junior high school students to achieve incredible results in math competitions and showcase their talent and potential. In the meantime, it's hoped that the math competition will continue to provide more opportunities and platforms for students to stimulate their potential and cultivate more math talents.