Commendation Conference
On the afternoon of 5th January, 2024, the third Double Star Commendation Conference of the Senior High School Division of this semester was grandly held in the playground of the east campus, which was presided over by Deputy Director Jiang Shengyou and attended by Vice Principal Liu Bing, Assistant Principal Xu Zuitai and department leaders.
First and foremost, Deputy Director Jiang Shengyou read out the list of the students who won the awards of Learning Star and Progress Star, after which Liu Bing, Executive Vice Principal, Xu Zuitai, Assistant Principal and Xu Haihong, Deputy Director of the Senior High School Division, presented awards to the students. 
On the other hand, the conference commended and awarded two recent special activities held by the English group and the mathematics group of the Senior High School Division.
Furthermore, Senior Three student Cheng Xuefeng and Senior One student Yang Jingwen shared their learning experience. In addition to sharing good learning methods, the two students specifically pointed out that students need to establish a firm goal. After all, learning is a boring and long process for most students. Thus, only a firm goal can support ourselves to go on. 
To conclude, Assistant Principal Xu Zuitai delivered a concluding speech at the conference, who hoped that everyone would aim to shine on life and meet a better self in 2024!