Ancient Poetry Preaching and Acceptance
In the morning reading class on 3rd January, 2024, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High School Division of the east campus conducted the acceptance activities of Chinese ancient poetry preaching results, which aimed to test the results of students' learning of ancient poetry, improve their ability to appreciate ancient poetry, and further promote the excellent traditional Chinese culture. The activity was jointly organized by the Chinese teachers of all grades, and attended by all junior high school students.
First and foremost, in this activity, the students showcased their love for ancient poetry and good learning results. Also, in terms of proficiency and expression of emotions, a great many students demonstrated a high level of proficiency. In addition, the competition between the classes was also extremely fierce, fully demonstrating the progress and efforts of the students in the study of ancient poetry.
In conclusion, this activity is a successful attempt and has accumulated valuable experience for the teaching of ancient poetry in the future. Therefore, Anqing Foreign Language School will continue to pay more attention to the teaching of ancient poetry to strengthen students' cultural literacy and aesthetic ability. Meanwhile, the school shall continue to enhance the acceptance mechanism of ancient poetry achievements to provide strong support for the in-depth development of ancient poetry teaching.