Typing Contest
In order to improve students' computer operation level, speed up their typing speed, and let students pay more attention to the cultivation of basic computer skills, on the afternoon of 4th January, 2024, during the team activity class, the Junior High School Division of the west campus held a typing contest for Grade 7 in the computer room.
Specifically, a total of 36 students participated in the competition. The flying fingers and the continuous typing sound made the teachers present feel the intensity of the competition, through which the students experienced competition in the participation, made continuous progress in the competition, and improved their self-value in the progress.
After the intense competition, the list of the winners were as follows:
First prize winners: Zhu Zhendong from Class 712
Second prize competitors: Yang Jinzhi from Class 702, Yan Yixuan from Class 708, and He Jiani from Class 710
Third prize contestants: Fang Zihui from Class 701, Wang Yanan from Class 703, and Li Jingxing from Class 708
Excellent Awards winners: Song Lanxi from Class 704, Zhu Chenglei from Class 707, Ni Zixin and Wu Han from Class 709, Fang Jingyi from Class 710, and Li Zihan from Class 712
Lucky prize candidates: Wang Zichen from Class 705, Chen Mufan and Li An'ni from Class 706, Wang Ruoqi from Class 707, and Ding Ruixuan from Class712