Math Problem Solving Competition
In order to reinforce students' enthusiasm for Senior High School mathematics learning, enlighten students' thinking, and pave the way for the later qualifying examination and the first-round review of Senior Three, on 3rd January, 2024, the math preparation group of Senior Two of our school organized a problem-solving competition for Senior Two students.
To start with, the students of Grade 11 attached great significance to this competition, who prepared meticulously, full of fighting spirits and high spirits, making sufficient preparations for the contest. Additionally, at the competition site, the students were dedicated and worked hard. After two hours of intense competition, the candidates completed the questions within the prescribed time.
To sum up, this event promotes learning by competition and training by contest, which has not only fully improved students' mathematical literacy, but also enhanced their interest in learning mathematics. Furthermore, this competition has paved the way for the later innovation of mathematics education model and the integration of superior teaching forces.