Winter Cross-Country Running
In the warm winter sunshine, our school was bustling. In order to welcome New Year's Day, celebrate the arrival of the New Year together, enhance the physique of teachers and students, and temper the willpower of teachers and students, the winter cross-country running competition for teachers and students was flourishing in our school. On the morning of 29th December, our school held a grand cross-country running competition for teachers and students to celebrate the New Year's Day, which was actively attended by the teachers and students of the Senior High School Division.
Specifically, the Senior High School Division's girls' group, boys' group and the staff group's competitions took place in turn. Initially, the race started on time. As the starting gun sounded, the players of each group rushed out of the starting line like arrows from the string and ran away. Despite the biting wind, everyone's enthusiasm was undiminished. Moreover, every athlete was trying their best to break through themselves, who ran to the finishing line with the belief that persistence is victory.
In a nutshell, in the winter cross-country running competition, everyone showcased their high fighting spirit and style with the sweat of youth. Additionally, this cross-country running was exciting, which not only enriched the campus cultural life, enhanced the awareness of teachers and students to participate in physical exercise, but also honed everyone's will, and reinforced everyone's collective sense of honor, so that the sports activities of our school have been effectively expanded and extended.