Ground Painting Competition
In order to welcome the New Year, better enrich the campus cultural life of our teachers and students, pass on the good wishes of teachers and students in the New Year, and cultivate students' innovative ability, on the afternoon of 28th December, 2023, the Junior High School Division of the west campus held the annual 'Welcoming the New Year' ground painting contest.
To be concrete, the seventh and eighth graders who participated in the activity formed a circle in front of a small flower bed on the front playground, who were full of enthusiasm, unleashing their imagination and creativity by means of colorful colors in front of the painting area.
In a nutshell, this painting competition not only set up a stage for students to showcase themselves, but also brought a gorgeous visual feast to the teachers and students of the whole school in winter, making everyone enjoy the beauty on campus to discover, create and enjoy the beauty, thus improving the cultural and artistic taste of the campus!
Attached is the list of the winning classes:
First prize winners: Classes 705, 703, 706, 808 and 807
Second prize competitors: Classes 711, 709, 708, 701, 806, 809, 805 and 803
Third prize contestants: Classes 702, 704, 707, 710, 712, 801, 802, 804 and 810