Revolutionary Song Chorus Competition
In order to enrich the campus cultural life, inherit the patriotic spirit of May 4th, and enhance the political leading role of the Party, with the full cooperation of Anqing Foreign Language School's General Party Branch, the history group, art group and information group as well as the close cooperation of teachers and students from Grade 8, on the afternoon of 25th December, 2023, the traditional characteristic activity of Grade 8 - Red Song Chorus Competition was carried out in an orderly manner and came to a successful end!
To illustrate, ten classic songs, including ‘My Chinese Heart’ and ‘Return from Target Shooting’, took turns to come on stage, which passionately interpreted the youthful pride of the revolutionary era. Thus, the atmosphere of the venue culminated in patriotic enthusiasm! What’s more, familiar songs lingered over the campus one after another, making everyone passionate and youthful. 
To conclude, led by the General Party Branch of Anqing Foreign Language School, the art activities were meticulously arranged by the history group and the art group, so that the teachers and students were influenced by the revolutionary tradition and patriotism in addition to intense learning, which was very meaningful. Furthermore, today we sing in Anqing Foreign Language School, and tomorrow we shall shoulder the great task of rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!