Head Teachers’ Basic Skills Contest
Head teachers are the backbone of school education, who play a vital role in school development and students' growth. In order to carry out the fundamental tasks of cultivating virtues and educating people, build a platform for the professional growth of head teachers, and give better play to the role of head teachers as the main force in school education, on 23rd May, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Junior High School Division of the east campus held a head teachers’ skills competition.
To start with, head teachers’ handling of emergencies directly affects the quality and effect of education and teaching. Therefore, in the written test of dormitory emergency handling, the head teachers answered meticulously and analyzed coping methods tactfully according to the situation of the emergencies. Evidently, the beauty of morality lies in love; The soul of teachers’ morality lies in the heart. Moreover, in the whole process of dealing with emergencies, the head teachers upheld the principle of tolerance and guidance with love.
To put it in a nutshell, as the saying goes, ‘spring breeze turns into rain, moistening everything silently.’ The growth of students cannot be separated from the careful cultivation of teachers. Thus, as a guide to the growth of students, it is particularly important for head teachers to create solid basic skills. Furthermore, it’s believed that in the future, head teachers will pay more attention to the improvement of their professional skills and quality, actively explore the rules of education and teaching, and become head teachers with knowledge, wisdom, and feelings, creating a more harmonious, united and upward class environment for students, and escorting students for their better growth!