Campus Singer Competition
In order to enrich the cultural life of our students and showcase the comprehensive ability of our students, on the afternoon of 22nd May, the Campus Singer Competition with the theme of ‘Singing the Theme of Youth, and Finding the Voice of Anqing Foreign Language School’ sponsored by the school Youth League Committee and undertaken by the Information Art Group was successfully held in the lecture hall.
Specifically, the campus singer competition is divided into three stages: audition, rematch and final, which was widely concerned by the students at the beginning of the activity, and the students of Grade 7 actively signed up. After the fierce competition of the audition and rematch, a total of 10 contestants stood out and entered the finals.
During the competition, the contestants sang in different styles. The climax of the competition was repeated and wonderful. Additionally, the cheers of the audience were higher and higher, pushing the atmosphere of the competition to a new climax. On the other hand, the students were enthusiastic and cheered for the singers of their respective classes. More noticeably, the contestants not only displayed their talents on the stage, but also demonstrated the youth and vitality of the students in our school with their beautiful songs and good stage demeanour. Furthermore, the singing of teachers Wu Hao and Fang Rongzhong added to the excitement of the competition.
After more than two hours of fantastic display, the winners were as follows.
Gold Medalist: Chen Zhihan from Class 701
Silver Medalists: Xu Sihan from Class 706, Yan Ruiyang from Class 703 and Dai Kexin from Class 702
Bronze Medalists: Chen Xuanxin from Class 707, Xu Nannan from Class 705, Wu Moxuan from Class 710, Lei Jiayao from Class 708, Li Yutong from Class 709 and Huang Tianpeng from Class 704
To sum up, the competition was fierce, yet the competition process was amazing. Moreover, each contestant presented his or her best self on stage. Thus, let's look forward to the next Campus Singer Contest!