19th School Anniversary
On 18th May, 2004, Anqing Foreign Language School was born in beautiful Anqing City. May 18th, 2023 is the 19th birthday of Anqing Foreign Language School. Every year, 18th May is the proud day of Anqing Foreign Language School’s staff. The ‘May 18th’ school celebration day has become a common festival for all the teachers and students of Anqing Foreign Language School. Anqing Foreign Language School is nineteen years old! Let's take a look at how teachers and students celebrated the 19th birthday of the school together!
First and foremost, the teachers and students of the Primary School Division, Junior High School Division of the east campus and Senior High School Division all wore uniforms and gathered together in great spirit on the playground. More than 5,000 people participated in the solemn flag-raising ceremony.
Afterwards, three student representatives, Wang Jingci from the Primary School Division, Xiang Zhihao from the Junior High School Division and Lu Yu from the Senior High School Division recited poetry on the stage to celebrate the school anniversary.
More remarkably, President Madam Huang Wenli delivered a keynote speech in which Madam President said that today was a special glory day for our staff. In the past nineteen years, we have had wind and rain in Anqing Foreign Language School, however, we grew up in the wind and rain. Meanwhile, Anqing Foreign Language School also had a rainbow, yet we worked harder in the rainbow!
Evidently, nineteen-year-old Anqing Foreign Language School is really beautiful! The whole campus is lush with flowers and trees.
In addition, nineteen-year-old Anqing Foreign Language School is really happy! Children love our teachers, teachers love our children more, and we are like a family, forging ahead together!
Last but not least, nineteen-year-old Anqing Foreign Language School is also very proud! We have achieved so much in terms of quality-oriented education and teaching. Therefore, on this day of great company, let the children come up and talk about the glory of our school. Later on, the interactive session between President Madam Huang Wenli and the children of all departments brought the festive atmosphere to a climax.
How can a birthday be without cake? Even though there were so many teachers and students in our school, the school has meticulously prepared exquisite small cakes with wonderful taste for each of us. At noon, the celebration was held in the sports hall, hosted by Qian Zhihong, Chairman of the School Union. What’s more, Anqing Foreign Language School invited professional cake masters to make a giant birthday cake on the spot, and President Madam Huang Wenli personally divided the cake for everyone. All staff of Anqing Foreign Language School were immersed in sweet and loving happiness.
Happy birthday, beautiful Anqing Foreign Language School!