13th Home-School Forum
On the morning of 20th May, the 13th Home-School Grand Forum activity was successfully held in the lecture hall of the east campus. The keynote speaker was teacher Lu Fei and the forum was presided over by Vice Principal Liu Bing, which was attended by President Madam Huang Wenli and more than 500 parents from both the east and west campuses.
To be concrete, our school has always attached great importance to the close coordination between family education and school education as well as the construction of parent school. Therefore, the home-school forum activity guided parents to establish correct parenting concepts, helped parents learn and master scientific family education knowledge and effective education methods in addition to creating a good family education atmosphere for the healthy growth of students. Later on, centering on the theme of ‘Being the youth partner of children’, Lu Fei conducted in-depth communication and discussion with parents in terms of four aspects: ‘understanding the characteristics of adolescent children’, ‘understanding the psychology of adolescent children’, ‘respecting the emotions of adolescent children’ and ‘accompanying children through adolescence’. Through real and specific examples, Lu Fei’s lecture analyzed and summarized common problems, and in the meantime gave parents specific method guidance, which made parents enlightened and benefit a lot.
Furthermore, President Madam Huang Wenli shared with parents the precautions and suggestions to accompany the children through adolescence. Madam President expressed that a harmonious family atmosphere and good parent-child relationship would be more conducive to the healthy growth of children. On the other hand, as parents, under the background of the ‘Double Reduction Policy’, they should actively study the scientific family education concepts and methods, and pay more attention to the influence of family education on their children. Last but not the least, President Madam Huang Wenli hoped that home-school education could maintain close ties and form home-school synergy to promote children’s better growth and development.