Historical Story Reality Show Contest
On the afternoon of 15th May, the seventh grade held the ‘Historical Story Reality Show Contest’, which was jointly organized by the History Group, the Art Group and the Information Group of the west campus, aiming to promote the traditional Chinese history and culture, enrich the campus cultural life of Anqing Foreign Language School, and cultivate students' creative performance ability. After more than a month of meticulous preparation and careful rehearsal, the competition was held as scheduled.
To be concrete, there were 10 classes participating in the competition and the players from each class were well-prepared and dressed up, who had a solid command of lines with steady stage style. What’s more, the students were immersed in their roles as if they were the characters themselves. More noticeably, when there was something fabulous and when the actors took the curtain call, the audience would burst into applause.
After the fierce competition, the results were announced as follows:
First prize winners: Classes 701, 706 and 709
Second place competitors: Classes 703, 704 and 710
Third place contestants: Classes 702, 705, 707 and 708
To sum up, the success of this competition cannot be separated from the efforts of teachers and students in addition to the strong support of parents, which not only fully reflects Anqing Foreign Language School's characteristic teaching philosophy, but also makes students' campus life more colorful.