Paper Airplane Competition
We can dream big through little paper planes. Thus, in order to enrich the campus cultural life, cultivate students' interest in physics, extend the classroom teaching results, and cultivate students' innovation and practical ability, in the third class on Monday afternoon, 8th May, 2023, the Physics Group of Anqing Foreign Language School’s Junior High School Division held the paper airplane competition with the theme of ‘Exploring Everything in the World, Exploring the Truth of Life and Promoting Youth Dreams’.
To start with, paper airplane is every child's happy childhood memory, and the simple origami game contains rich knowledge. Therefore, some students were in high spirits, who held the paper planes in their right hands, turned their upper bodies to the right with their right hands forward, and gave the paper planes a hard shake so that the planes could fly into the sky in a beautiful arc; In addition, some students were engrossed with a practised flick of their wrists. As a result, the paper airplanes took advantage of the breeze and floated down the runway. On the other hand, some students creatively added weight to the paper airplanes and threw them hard so that the planes could escape the gravity of the earth and strive to fly far away.
Evidently, strange ideas are condensed on the paper planes of different shapes, which carry the dreams of the students whose dreams are woven into a beautiful arc in the air. At this moment, the students cheered and enjoyed the joy of flying, flying the dream of science.
On the whole, in the applause and cheers of the students, the paper airplane competition came to a successful conclusion.