Book Exchanging and Sharing Activity
On the afternoon of 28th April, the fifth ‘Book Exchanging and Sharing’ activity of the Primary School Division was held grandly on the playground. In fact, this activity is a significant part of the 2023 ‘Happy Reading Month’ activity, which was very popular among students and was reported by Anqing TV Station's ‘Daily Live’ program.
Initially, the activity began with the children reciting the school-based curriculum ‘Disciple Rules’, after which under the guidance of the teachers, students visited the display areas of each grade in turn where students' self-made works such as handwritten newspapers, bookmarks, poems and pictures, mind maps, self-compiled poems and self-created picture books were collected. More remarkably, the works, which are full of childlike interest, showcased the children's reading achievement, hands-on ability and artistic accomplishment, and have been praised.
What’s more, the book exchange activity started in the ‘exchange area’ of each class where the well-arranged booths and a rich variety of books all attracted children's attention so that everyone could choose their favorite books. Meanwhile, with soft music playing, teachers and students in the ‘reading area’ sat on the floor alone or in small groups, quietly savoring the charm of books. On the other hand, in the ‘donation area’, senior grade children donated the books they had read to the ‘Happy Reading Bar’, which provided more reading resources for lower grade students.
In conclusion, this activity was a feast of books, which not only effectively created a bookish campus environment, but also enhanced the interest of teachers and students in reading.