Implementation of Double Support
In order to comprehensively promote the Double Support work of our school, and deepen the friendship between the army and the people, on the morning of 28th April, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Vice Principal Liu Bing and General Party Branch Secretary Lu Dan led the relevant persons in charge of the School Youth League Committee, Senior High and Junior High School Divisions to the base of Unit 94982 of the People’s Liberation Army to hold a signing ceremony of joint construction between the military and the school. 
To be specific, at the signing ceremony, the two sides held a symposium, during which leaders of the two sides introduced the basic information of their respective units and had in-depth exchanges on further strengthening joint construction, enhancing communication and cooperation, and promoting military-civilian integration and development in the later stage. Afterwards, the two sides signed an agreement to jointly build and support the two sides, officially becoming the ‘Double Support and Co-Construction Units’. Furthermore, the two sides agreed to earnestly perform their duties, learn from and help each other, give full play to their respective advantages, deepen cooperation and exchanges, and do a good job in joint construction, so as to make joint construction activities more detailed, rich and extensive, and constantly deepen and consolidate the friendship between the army and the people.