Questionnaire Survey on Teachers' Ethics
In order to further strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics, enhance teachers' consciousness of teaching, standardize their teaching behavior, and improve their ethics, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Senior High School Division conducted a questionnaire survey on teachers' ethics on 25th April.
Specifically, the questionnaire survey is divided into two categories: subject teachers' ethics questionnaire and head teachers' working attitude questionnaire, which comprehensively explored the construction of teachers' ethics and style in terms of teachers' devotion to their jobs, caring for students, being a model of virtue for others and professional quality.
On the other hand, ten students from each class were randomly selected for the questionnaire survey, who made an objective and fair evaluation of the discipline teachers and the head teachers. Afterwards, the Senior High School Division carried out statistics and analysis on the questionnaire to timely feedback the analysis results to the teachers, which better guides teachers' education and teaching behavior.
What’s more, the survey results indicate that the general situation of teachers' ethics and style in the Senior High School Division is good in that teachers can strictly abide by the school rules and discipline in teaching, regulate their own behavior, and firmly establish the consciousness of education, teaching and honesty. 
To conclude, the results of this questionnaire will be a significant basis for the Senior High School Division to assess subject teachers and head teachers. Meanwhile, the Senior High School Division will gradually improve teaching according to the questionnaire so as to promote teaching by evaluation and guide by evaluation. Also, this questionnaire survey understands the true aspirations of students, which is not only a test of the performance of all teachers in their work ethics, but also a comprehensive understanding of the class management and work art of the head teachers, which reflects the determination and perseverance of the Senior High School Division to build a team of high-quality teachers. More remarkably, the Senior High School Division will actively promote the healthy and long-term development of the construction of teachers' ethics, and build a team of teachers with excellent ethics and incredible professional skills, who can satisfy students and reassure the society.