Student Union Election
When young people have responsibility, youth is more wonderful! In order to improve the organizational structure of the Student Union, uphold the concept of ‘self-management, responsibility and rigorous dedication’, and give full play to the bonding role of students in various activities, the west campus held the 2023 Student Union election campaign in the lecture hall on the afternoon of 23rd April.
During the campaign, the candidates spoke confidently about how to properly handle the relationship between study and student work, how to carry out campus culture construction activities, how to do a good job in student self-management and other issues, and talked about their plans for the future work. Additionally, the generous manners, sincere eyes and youthful vigor of the contestants made everyone feel their love for the work of the Student Union and their confidence in doing a good job.
To put it in a nutshell, this election convention let us see the passionate energy and full enthusiasm of the new students. Therefore, the recruitment work was completed in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. It’s believed that the new cadres can show their unique style on the big stage of the Student Union, contribute their own strength to the development of the school, the study and life of teachers and students, and ignite the passion of struggle with their burning youth.