Environmental Hygiene Inspection
On 21st April, 2023, two Section Chiefs, Hu Min and Hu Qing from the Comprehensive Supervision Office of Anhui Provincial Health Commission, accompanied by Director Zheng Rui and Section Chief Yu Wen from the Municipal Health Supervision Office, inspected the prevention and control of infectious diseases, drinking water safety and teaching environment of our school. In the meantime, our school’s Vice Principal Liu Bing, Vice Principal Lu Dan, Secretary Jin Gensheng of the Youth League Committee and other school leaders warmly received the inspection team.
First and foremost, the inspection team listened to the work report of Principal Liu Bing, carefully checked the relevant materials of infectious disease prevention and control in our school, morning and afternoon examination records as well as registration of absence due to illnesses. In addition, the inspection group went into the classes, students' dormitories and the health room to check the situation of ventilation, indoor light, drinking water, environmental sanitation, and assessed the principal's theoretical knowledge. Moreover, the inspection team gave full affirmation to the prevention and control of infectious diseases, environmental health and other work in our school, and put forward guiding suggestions for students' vision testing and other problems.
In conclusion, the inspection played a positive role in promoting the prevention and control of infectious diseases and environmental health in our school. Furthermore, our school will take this inspection as an opportunity to start from the details and control from the links, continue to carry out the prevention and control of various infectious diseases and health safety prevention work solidly and effectively, and actively promote the construction of a healthy campus.