Teachers’ Work Meeting
In order to enhance the executive power of the team and improve the work quality, the Senior High Department held a regular meeting of all teachers in the lecture hall on the afternoon of March 10th, which was presided over by Principal Assistant and  Director of the Senior High Department Xu Zuitai.
First and foremost, Principal Assistant Xu Zuitai briefly sorted out and summarized the work in the first month of the new semester of the Senior High Department in that the daily education and teaching work was smooth and orderly, the model examination of Senior Three was successfully held, and the mobilization meeting for the academic level qualification examination of Senior Two and the parents' mobilization meeting for the art training were successfully held. Moreover, in terms of the average score, excellent rate, pass rate and other aspects, Principal Assistant Xu Zuitai made a focus on the analysis of the final examination results of Senior One, asking teachers to further standardize teaching behavior.
In addition, Principal Assistant Xu Zuitai made arrangements for moral education and teaching work respectively. Firstly, in the work of moral education, the head teachers should strictly lay emphasis on the routine work, do a good job in the education of students, make clear the contents of students' morning reading and the goal to achieve; Secondly, teachers should always pay attention to students, and ask students to abide by the school rules. Meanwhile, Principal Assistant Xu Zuitai reminded all teachers to put campus safety in the first place. Furthermore, in teaching work, he stressed that every teacher should understand the principle of teaching and research to promote the development of teachers, carefully prepare lessons, meticulously attend classes, focus on homework correction, lead the reform of education and teaching with scientific methods, and strive to pursue the dream of becoming excellent teachers.
To conclude, Principal Assistant Xu Zuitai quoted a word of encouragement, ‘The lifeblood of the school lies in the quality of education and teaching as well as the quality of education services.’