Construction of Teachers' Ethics
Teacher's ethics is the foundation of the image of teaching. In order to further strengthen the construction of teachers' professional ethics and focus on regulating teachers' teaching behavior, at noon on 3rd March, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Primary Section carried out a special education activity on teachers' ethics and styles.
Specifically, at the meeting, Principal Assistant Liu Qiongdan led all the teachers of the Primary Section to study the documents such as ‘Ten Guidelines for Professional Behavior of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in the New Era’ and ‘Measures for Dealing with Professional Behavior Violation of Professional Ethics of Primary and Secondary School Teachers’. According to the spirit of the documents, Principal Assistant Liu Qiongdan emphasized the scope and methods of punishment teachers can impose on students in the course of class management.
To conclude, the core of the construction of the teaching staff is teachers’ ethics construction. Therefore, this activity further standardized the teaching behavior of teachers. Additionally, it’s believed that all teachers of the Primary Section will study hard, constantly reflect on themselves, be self-disciplined, and become good teachers that students love, parents respect and society is satisfied with.