Training for Teacher's Ethics
In order to further strengthen the construction of teachers' ethics and style, effectively improve the level of professional ethics and quality of teachers, and build a team of high-quality teachers with excellent ethics and exquisite professional level, on the afternoon of February 23rd, Anqing Foreign Language School’s Junior High Department of the east campus carried out a special training activity on teachers' ethics and style.
To begin with, Director Xu of the Junior High Department presided over this activity, during which she led all the teachers to learn the ‘Code of Professional Ethics for Primary and Secondary School Teachers’, and proposed to continuously deepen ideological understanding and fully understand the document spirit of the ‘Ten Guidelines for Professional Behavior of Primary and Secondary School Teachers in the New Era’. In addition, Director Xu required the teachers to adhere to teaching as the center, be strict with themselves, always internalize the principles of teachers’ ethics in the heart, externalize in the practice, cultivate themselves and learn earnestly so as to escort the growth of students.
On the whole, the implementation of this activity made all the teachers in the Junior High Department of the east campus have a fuller understanding of the significance of the construction of teachers’ ethics and strengthened their original intention of education. In the meantime, this activity inspired all the teachers to enhance their own ideological level, reinforced the cultivation of teachers’ ethics, and advanced their professional quality so that they would set an example, fulfill their mission and stick to their profession.