Maths Demonstration Classes
At the beginning of the new semester, in order to further optimize the level of mathematics classroom teaching in our school and promote the professional growth of mathematics teachers, on 21st February, the mathematics group of the Primary Section launched the ‘Teaching Experts’ Demonstration Classes’ activity. A total of 5 teaching experts were arranged to teach courses of different grades in this activity, which started with ‘Understanding of Cuboids’ taught by teacher Zha Dandan in Grade 5, whose class was vivid and interesting with precise and clear language. In addition, she paid special attention to the cultivation of children's practical operation ability and independent inquiry ability. Furthermore, through activities such as ‘touch’, ‘point’ and ‘count’, Zha Dandan effectively mobilized children's enthusiasm in learning mathematics and their desire to express mathematics. Therefore, in the relaxed and happy process, the children not only mastered the knowledge, but also improved their ability of mathematical thinking.
To sum up, this demonstration class activity not only provided a platform for the five teachers to showcase themselves, but also created opportunities for all teachers to observe and learn from each other, exchange and discuss, which also played a good demonstration role in the transformation of young teachers' educational ideas and the improvement of their professional level, and further promoted the process of teachers' professional growth in the meantime.