School Opening Work Inspection
In order to ensure the orderly development of the school work in the spring semester, on the morning of 14th February, 2023, team leader Fang Junfeng from the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau led an inspection team composed of three comrades from relevant departments of the Bureau to our school to carry out the spring opening work inspection.
First and foremost, the inspection team listened to President Madam Huang Wenli's work report, who made a comprehensive and detailed summary of the school's opening work in terms of the basic situation of the school opening, safety management, education and teaching in addition to standardized running of the school, and reported some innovative practices of our school to the inspection team. For example, the Primary Section has initiated mathematical thinking courses, the Junior High Department has created mathematical cultural characteristics, and the Senior High Department has implemented diversified development. After the report, the inspection team looked at relevant work data of our school and conducted field inspection.
In summary, after the inspection, the inspection team agreed that our school started well in that the campus culture atmosphere is rich, the campus is clean and tidy, the teaching order is orderly, and all the work has been on track. In the meantime, the inspection team also put forward guiding opinions and suggestions to our school.