Summary Meeting of Primary Section
At 9 A.M. on 28th June, all teachers of the Primary Section gathered together. Presided over by Director Zhao Xinlong, the final summary meeting of the second semester of the 2021-2022 academic year solemnly raised the curtain, which was divided into three agenda:
First and foremost, Director Xu Degao of the Moral Education Department introduced the development of moral education in this semester in details from three aspects as follows: head teachers’ work, safety work and publicity work. He fully affirmed the head teachers' improvement in class management since this semester in that the head teachers’ meticulous, comprehensive and hard work solidly implemented the moral education activities, which provided a strong guarantee for comprehensively improving the quality of students.
Afterwards, Director Zhao Xinlong of the Teaching Office made a comprehensive and detailed summary of the teaching work of this semester: First, strengthen the construction of teachers’ ethics and improve teachers’ professional quality; Second, attach importance to the construction of teachers and build a professional team of teachers; Third, implement routine management and effectively supervise and inspect all aspects of teaching; Fourth, do a good job in recruiting students to lay the foundation for the sustainable development of the school; Fifth, proceed close contact between home and school and strengthen family education guidance; Last but not the least, follow up the publicity of education and teaching activities.
Additionally, Director Zhao Xinlong commended the teachers who achieved outstanding educational and teaching achievements in this semester, and conducted a detailed arrangement of teachers’ work during the summer vacation.
In conclusion, Principal Assistant Liu Qiongdan led the teachers to review the key work and activities carried out in the 2021-2022 acedemic year and put forward further expectations for teachers. Summary is for better progress. It’s believed that at the end of June, teachers will bid farewell to the campus of gardenia flowers. However, after making some adjustments, when they come back to Anqing Foreign Language School’s campus when a rich perfume of osmanthus blossoms is wafted to us by the breeze, teachers will be full of vigor and strive to make a new journey for the development of the Primary Section!