College Entrance Exam Tutorial Lecture
In the first class on 26th June, the Senior High Department held a tutorial lecture entitled ‘Live Every Day to its Fullest for the 10 Days before the College Entrance Exam’ in the school lecture hall. The keynote speaker was Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong. The lecture was presided over by Director Xu Haihong in charge of the 12th grade and attended by all the head teachers and students from Grade 12.
To be concrete, Director Xu Haihong's lecture was divided into 4 parts. First of all, students should pay attention to sleep adjustment in the ten days before the exam in that they should adjust their body clock and mentality. Second of all, students were supposed to focus on learning guidance before the College Entrance Exam, prepare for it scientifically, practice writing and read books every day. Moreover, students should do more thinking and review key question types. Third of all, students were required to be disciplined before the test, put safety first with calm behavior and observe disciplines and obey laws. Last but not the least, students shoud remind themselves of test preparation on 6th July.
Furthermore, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong especially stressed that everyone must adhere to the regular work and rest and review scientifically for the next ten days. Meanwhile, he wished everyone success and all the best! 
To conclude, in the remaining ten days of the College Entrance Examination, the Senior High Department will surely bring a good rhythm for all students to meet the College Entrance Examination and prepare for it scientifically.