Online Parents’ Meeting
The river of time flows slowly and soundlessly. This year's summer vacation  kicked off again. In order to enable parents to further understand the development of the school, classes and the children, and better form home-school joint efforts ,on 3rd July, Anqing Foreign Language School’s east campus held the online parents' meeting at the end of this semester, the theme of which centered on class growth, holiday safety, students' summer living arrangements and homework arrangements for summer characteristic activities.
To be concrete, the online parents’ meeting not only summarized the students’ learning in school this semester, but also gave parents effective and practical reminders or suggestions for students' life, study, personal safety, holiday travel and other aspects in the summer vacation that has already come.
Overall, may home and school work together to cultivate healthy and thriving students. When home and school collaborate together, our children can have a promising future. As is known to all, all the merit and effort in the world are not in vain and every effort should be paid back. If we can persevere, then a bright future is worth looking forward to.