Teaching and Research Leaders' Conference
In the second class on the afternoon of 18th April, 2022 (Monday), the fifth teaching and research leaders' conference was held in the school conference room as scheduled by the Senior High Department, which was presided over by Director Jiang Shengyou and attended by Director Xu Haihong, Director Xu Zuitai in addition to the teaching and research group leaders of each discipline group.
At the beginning of the conference, Director Jiang Shengyou made a summary of the teaching and research work in the last week, gave a notice of the spot check of the homework of math and Chinese groups last week, praised the teachers for correcting students’ homework meticulously, and put forward suggestions for improvement. Afterwards, he announced the focus of this week’s teaching and research work: to do a good job in the preparatory work of the mid-term test; Furthermore, teachers in charge of the 11th grade should develop a good review plan to lay emphasis on both the College Entrance Examination and the unified examination. Last but not the least, Director Xu Haihong conveyed several requirements with regard to the school’s publicity work in that publicity work is everyone’s responsibility and it’s hoped that the teaching and research group leaders shall lead well and lead a good team.
On the whole, teaching is inseparable from research. Additionally, teaching and research is an important part of teaching. Therefore, the teaching and research of the Senior High Department has been attached great significance to by the leaders and teachers.