League Class Learning
In order to select a group of outstanding students to join the glorious Communist Youth League and enhance students' patriotic feelings, in the morning reading class on 14th April, 2022, our school held the second league class study for the 8th grade  students in the lecture hall. The participants of this class are the league membership activists of Grade 8 in our school and the instructor is Ren Shengjin, an excellent party member of our school.
Specifically, the teaching content of this league class is the basic knowledge of the Communist Youth League, including the nature of the Communist Youth League, the conditions for joining the Leauge, the procedures for joining the League, how to write the ‘Application for League Membership’, and how to fill in the ‘Application Form for Joining the League’. At the end of the course, the students were shown the league emblem, flag, song, member card and other relevant materials, which made students full of expectations for joining the Communist Youth League.
To sum up, this activity made the students have a basic understanding of the knowledge of the league members, strengthened their determination to join the League, and clarified their efforts as well. After the league class, the students all expressed that they would continue to strengthen their own theoretical study in the future, always be strict with themselves by the standard of excellent league members, and strive to step into the door of the Communist Youth League as soon as possible and become glorious members of the Communist Youth League!