Construction of Teachers’ Morality
On the afternoon of 31st March, under the leadership of Principal Assistant Hu Qilin, all the staff of the west campus had a special study on teachers’ style and ethics with the theme of ‘Standardizing Education and Teaching Behavior’.
To start with, Western Han dynasty scholar Yang Xiong was quoted as saying, ‘A teacher is the model for others.’ Teachers play an important role in spreading human civilization, developing human wisdom and shaping human soul. A generation of teachers also influence the spiritual outlook of a generation. Moreover, teachers' own moral accomplishment, personality charm, spiritual demeanor and behavioral  habits have a profound influence on creating a good social moral environment, which will vigorously promote the progress of social morality.
Furthermore, our school has always attached great significance to the cultivation of teachers' ethics and organized teachers to conduct special study every semester. In this special study, Principal Assistant Hu Qilin put forward higher and more comprehensive requirements for teachers in terms of five dimensions as follows: teachers' thoughts and bahavior, teaching behavior, interpersonal behavior, language behavior and appearance behavior. In the meantime, he hoped that the teachers of Anqing Foreign Language School would keep their responsibilities firmly in mind, fulfill their mission, devote themselves to their work, and teach and educate people. Additionally, while devoting their effort, sweat and wisdom to cultivating students, teachers should enjoy their professional glory, reap spiritual pursuit and embody the value of life.
In conclusion, the particularity of education determines that the ‘virtue’ of teacher's morality far exceeds the general moral category. Therefore, society’s moral requirements on teachers are higher than other professional ethics. Only by following the professional ethics of being a model of virtue for others with noble hearts, conscientiousness and selfless dedication, can we be worthy of the lofty word ‘teacher’, and respond to the call of the country to truly implement the construction of teachers’ morality and style.