Prevention of Myopia
In order to enhance students' awareness of loving and protecting their eyes, popularize scientific knowledge of using eyes and prevent myopia and other eye diseases, the Moral Education Department of the west campus launched a blackboard newspaper competition with the theme of ‘Take Care of Eyes and Prevent Myopia’. In the activity, each class could complete the production of blackboard newspapers according to the requirements so that the contents were close to the theme, the layout was reasonable, the form was beautiful and aesthetically pleasing, and the color collocation was rich, which became a beautiful scenery line in each class.
Attached is the list of the winners:
First prize winners: Classes 706, 705, 711, 808, 807 and 802
Second place competitors: Classes 701, 712, 704, 709, 810, 804, 803 and 805
Third place contestants: Classes 703, 707, 708, 702, 710, 812, 811, 801, 806 and 809