Maths Teachers' Demonstration Lessons
In order to further improve the professional quality and teaching ability of teachers and consolidate the basic skills of teachers to control classroom teaching, in mid-September, teachers Fang Longxing and Wen Min showcased two wonderful demonstration lessons of top teachers in the mathematics group.
First and foremost, teacher Fang Longxing taught ‘Trial and Guess’ in the first colume of the sixth grade. In class, Fang Longxing paid attention to the cultivation of students' thinking ability and the infiltration of mathematical thought. In addition, in situation creation, Fang Longxing created conflicts to stimulate students' interest in learning. In the meantime, Fang Longxing proposed the classic question in the Mathematical Classics by Sun Zi, ‘Chicken and Rabbits are in the Same Cage’, focusing on the inheritance and cultivation of mathematical culture.
On the other hand, teacher Wen Min taught ‘What is Perimeter’ in the first colume of Grade Three. Wen Min's basic teaching skills are solid, and her teaching manner is kind and natural. What’s more, the whole class was featured in clear thinking, compact links and clear teaching objectives. During teaching, Wen Min designed different activities to stimulate students' strong interest in learning so that students could learn effortlessly, which gave full play to students' initiative so that they could truly feel the practical significance of perimeter.
To conclude, the demonstration lessons of famous teachers give teachers another opportunity to study and discuss with each other, which not only benefits the teachers a lot, but also embodies the leading and exemplary role of outstanding teachers in the mathematics teaching and research group!