Head Teachers’ Work Exchange Meeting
On the morning of September 30th, the Primary Section held a meeting to exchange the work experience of the new head teachers, which was presided over by Director Xu Degao of the Moral Education Department. The meeting discussed and communicated through the routine work management of classes and the confusion brought by the work since the beginning of the semester.
Specifically, at the meeting, the new head teachers put forward some confusion about the problems in the recent school opening work. Afterwards, the former class teacher representatives Wang Qingqing, Yu Lijuan, Qian Jun and Wang Juan shared their experience on the daily class management work to contribute ideas to class management together. Therefore, the meeting was held in a warm atmosphere and full of exchanges, which benefited the head teachers present a lot. Finally, Dirtector Xu Degao with the Moral Education Department summarized that head teachers should further strengthen the routine management of students, be good at absorbing useful experience, learn from each other’s strengths, improve together and wait for the flowers to bloom.