Faculty Meeting in Primary Sectio
At noon on September 10th, all the teachers gathered together in the joint classroom of the Primary Section, and carried out the launching ceremony of the 'Demonstration Classes of Famous Teachers and Experts' and the mentoring activity of the ‘Blue Project’ of this semester.
The first content of the meeting: Director Zhao Xinlong of the Primary Section introduced the detailed selection methods of the famous teachers and experts of Anqing Foreign Language School to the teachers, and encouraged the teachers to improve their professional quality in an all-round way, after which Director Zhao Xinlong read out the list of famous teachers and experts of this academic year. Afterwards, Director Zhao Xinlong announced that the demonstration lessons of top teacher and experts would officially began on September 13th, and continue to September 30th, during which there would be 14 famous teachers, experts bringing wonderful classroom teaching feast to all teachers. Meanwhile, Director Zhao Xinlong required teachers of all disciplines to attend lectures across disciplines, learn from each other and promote each other. He also made specific arrangements for delay service work.
The second content of the meeting: Deputy Director Xu Yanxia of the Primary Section hosted the ‘Blue Project’ mentoring activities. First of all, Deputy Director Xu Yanxia announced the list of instructors and young teachers, and read out the specific arrangements of the ‘Blue Project’ report classes; Second of all, the leaders of the Primary Section awarded the honorary appointment letters to the ‘Blue Project’ instructors; Last but not the least, Director Xu Yanxia put forward requirements and expectations for the instructors and young teachers involved in the ‘Blue Project’ activities.
After the two activities, Principal Assistant Liu Qiongdan with the Primary Section made a summary of the recent work, who encouraged teachers to discipline themselves and standardize teaching so as to promote the development of the Primary Section.
In conclusion, the training of teachers is a powerful guarantee for the improvement of teaching quality. It’s believed that the teaching and research atmosphere of the Primary Section will be stronger, the teaching team will be stronger, the classroom teaching will be more solid, and the teaching results will be more outstanding through the demonstration function of top teachers and experts, the backbone teachers’ help to young teachers, and the injection of young teachers as a new force!