Teaching Group Leaders' Meeting
On the afternoon of September 13th, the weekly teaching and research group leaders' meeting was held in the conference room on the second floor of the administration building, which was presided over by Director Jiang Shengyou in charge of teaching and research who summarized the preliminary work and specifically arranged the work of each teaching and research group in the later period. He proposed that each teaching and research group should pay attention to the quality of lesson preparation, teachers of the subject group should share resources, prepare lessons collectively, and meet the requirements of heterogeneous forms for the same subject. Other than that, Director Jiang Shengyou made a weekly examination arrangement, requiring teachers to timely review, and submit the scores to the Senior High Department in time. Also, Director Jiang Shengyou made overall arrangements for the teaching and research activities of the teaching and research groups and made detailed plans in the meantime.
Finally, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong gave important instructions, requiring each group to pay attention to the growth of young teachers, and arrange mentoring collaboration between masters and apprentices to promote the growth of new teachers. What’s more, in order to broaden students' horizons, enhance students' practical ability and stimulate their extracurricular interests, the teaching and research groups were required to plan and organize student activities.