Civilization Building Work
On the afternoon of September 7th, 2021, the inspection team of civilization construction with the Municipal Education and Sports Bureau came to Anqing Foreign Language School for field inspection under the leadership of the leader Liu Bing. Anqing Foreign Language School’s Vice Principal Liu Bing led the relevant responsible school leaders to receive the inspection team.
After arriving at the school, the inspection team checked the cultural atmosphere and publicity fronts created by the civilization building work carried out by Anqing Foreign Language School; Additionally, the checking group focused on the teacher's office, classroom civilization atmosphere and campus health; After the inspection, the checking group gave feedback to Anqing Foreign Language School: The inspection team spoke highly of the school’s civilization-building efforts. Specifically, the officials found that Anqing Foreign Language School attached great importance to civilization building, believing that Anqing Foreign Language School had a strong atmosphere for civilization construction. Furthermore, the inspection team noted that the teachers in Anqing Foreign Language School were enthusiastic, the students were polite, the school had fully implemented the fact that the socialist core values are included in textbooks, classroom teaching and should be put into everyone’s mind. Other than that, the civilized education activities were colorful, the safety facilities were complete, and the relevant systems were standardized.  
Finally, Principal Liu Bing said that Anqing Foreign Language School would continue to carry out the work of building a civilized campus, consolidate work responsibilities, implement the division of work, and push the establishment of the school to a new height.