Seminar for Graduating Class Teachers
On the morning of September 8th, the graduating class teachers' symposium of the Primary Section was held as scheduled in the teaching and research office, which was presided over by Teaching Director Zhao Xinlong of the Primary Section and attended by leaders with the Primary Section, teachers of Chinese, mathematics and English of Grade 6 and the teachers from last year’s graduating classes.
Specifically, there are three main contents of the meeting: firstly, the head teachers exchanged the current situation of students from graduating classes and class management strategies; Secondly, the teachers of Chinese, Mathematics and English made a detailed analysis of the learning situation of the subjects, and exchanged improvement methods; Thirdly, Wang Qingqing, Jiang Yemin and Zhang Cheng, the former teacher representatives of the graduating classes, shared their experience on class management and subject teaching respectively. The teachers had an in-depth communication in an honest and realistic way, focusing on the cultivation of excellence, the optimization of homework, the care of students' mental health, and the stimulation of students' interest in learning.
Moreover, Director Zhao Xinlong emphasized the focus of the graduating class work, and put forward scientific guidance on the teaching work of Chinese, mathematics and English respectively. Meanwhile, Directors Xu Degao and Xu Yanxia raised practical and effective suggestions on the management and teaching of the graduating classes. Finally, Principal Assistant Liu Qiongdan of the Primary Section encouraged teachers to work together, move forward steadily, use wisdom and actions to further improve the quality of education and teaching, and promote students' comprehensive and healthy growth to enable students to complete their primary education successfully.
On the whole, the meeting made clear the work objectives of the teachers from the graduating classes, pointed out the direction for them, greatly encouraged the teachers' enthusiasm for work, and added their confidence. It’s believed that under the joint efforts of all the teachers of the graduating classes, this year’s graduating class students will glorify their Alma Mater with impressive results and outstanding performance.