Chinese Teaching and Research
Summer gradually disappears, and the new semester is coming quietly in the cool breeze. On September 8th, all the Chinese teachers of the lower grade of the Primary Section gathered in the office, who carried out the first lesson preparation activity of this semester under the leadership of Wang Qingqing and Qian Jun, the group leaders of the lesson preparation group.
First of all, teacher Wang Qingqing, the leader of lesson preparation in Grade One, read out the teaching and research activity plan and specific activity arrangements of the lesson preparation group in this semester so that the tasks were clearly implemented. Later on, Qian Jun, the leader of lesson preparation in Grade Two, led the teachers to learn the ‘cutting down on school work and after-school classes’ policy and spirit again, emphasizing that the teachers in the group should strengthen routine management, consolidate teaching and research activities, and actively carry out Chinese practice activities according to the current policy of ‘cutting down on school work and after-school classes’. In addition, all the teachers held a heated discussion on the homework of lower grade students at the meeting under the policy of ‘cutting down on school work and after-school classes’. The teachers in the group put their heads together and expressed their opinions and discussed the following features for our Chinese homework during this semester: Written homework should be completed in class, and oral homework should be moderate in quantity and high in quality. On the other hand, according to the class learning situation, the teachers should increase the quality education homework and practical homework appropriately so as to teach students according to their aptitude; What’s more, teachers should leave encouraging and guiding comments in students' homework, and use this feature as a medium to strengthen communication with parents, and give feedback in the meantime.
In conclusion, the cool autumn breeze is on the way and the teaching and research atmosphere is strong. This semester, the lesson preparation group in lower grades will continue to focus on promoting curriculum reform. Furthermore, under the guidance of ‘cutting down on school work and after-school classes’ policy, the teaching and research group will promote Chinese teaching to a higher level by taking classroom teaching as the front line and students' habit formation education as the main line.