Reading Sharing Session
A rich perfume of osmanthus blossoms was wafted to us by the breeze in golden autumn. On the evening of September 9th, the teachers of the Junior High Department of the west campus gathered in the brand-new lecture hall to learn the true meaning of life in ‘Who moved My Cheese?’ with teacher Wu Yajuan.
To begin with, ‘Who Moved My Cheese?’ is a simple fable about four characters who live in a ‘maze’ and run around each day in search of cheese.
In the story, the characters faced sudden changes. Finally, one of them managed to adapt to the changes and wrote on the wall of the maze how he changed his mind and what he learned from it. Teacher Wu Yajuan's vivid explanation let the teachers present immersed in the story, who could not help but fall into a meditation.
Indeed, in a world full of changes, the outside world ‘moves our cheese’ all the time. Maybe we've all been conditioned not to change -- after all, it's easier to complain about changes than to embrace a challenge -- but complaining won't buy you new cheese. Life doesn't always turn out the way we want it to. However, being positive about changes will help you find the ‘cheese’ you've worked so hard for.
Overall, let us go forward without fear of changes. ‘Change with the cheese, and enjoy the changes!