Acceptance of Calligraphy Practice
General Secretary Xi Jinpingsaid, 'Calligraphy is the treasure of Chinese culture, it contains a lot of spirit, and we must inherit and carry forward calligraphy.’
Indeed, Chinese characters are the important carrier of inheriting Chinese civilization, and writing Chinese characters well is a basic accomplishment that every Chinese should have. In the morning reading class on 8th September, Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the east campus carried out the acceptance of the results of calligraphy practice for students of Grade 8 and Grade 9.
Specifically, there are different glyphs. Some are tall and straight as peaks, some are long on both sides and have a shorter torso; Some are dignified and beautiful, and some are elegant and flexible. The students straightened their bodies and wrote down the most beautiful Chinese characters.
Overall, we should 'write the beauty of Chinese characters with heart, and shape our elegant life with actions.’