Calligraphy Practicing&Homework Checking
'When the sun sets at noon, all nations are in an oven.' Although the summer campus seemed a little lonely, the work of the teachers never stopped. In order to base on the routine and improve the teaching quality, Anqing Foreign Language School recently carried out the first routine inspection on the summer homework of Grade Seven and Grade Eight.
To be concrete, the teachers mainly conducted comprehensive inspection and evaluation on the quantity, quality and learning effect of students' homework, recorded the prominent problems in detail, and gave specific answers online to urge the students to finish the homework in high quality according to the schedule. In the meantime, the teachers gave feedback on the completion of homework through the class Wechat group, and communicated with parents about the students' holiday education to guide parents to do a good job in summer education, and form a good atmosphere of home-school co-education.
‘A word is a world, and a square word is a world.’ This summer, the teachers of Anqing Foreign Language School wrote with pens as companions and wrote attentively, which added a bit of cultural color to the hot summer. Every day, the teachers were devoting themselves to writing, and constantly improving their basic skills in the process of writing horizontally and vertically, stroke by stroke. More remarkably, the works were strong and powerful, stretching, graceful, and penetrating, which were lively and vigorous in calligraphy, highlighting the elegant demeanor of teachers in Anqing Foreign Language School.
In addition, the homework comments contained teachers' patience to guide students.
What’s more, the exercises in calligraphy showed the determination of the teachers to improve their basic skills.
All in all, though the road is long, the journey will come soon; though the task is difficult, the work will be done. May each falcuty member of Anqing Foreign Language School read carefully and think diligently, study hard and practice more to get a better version of themselves.