Online Parents' Meeting
Time flies. It's the end of another semester. In order to strengthen the connection between home and school, let the parents better understand the school and class work,  and enable home and school to work together to provide guidance for children's home study and life in summer vacation to realize the effectiveness of home-school co-education, from 3rd to 5th July, each class of Grade 7 and Grade 8 from the Junior High Department of the east campus held the online parents' meeting through the DingTalk Platform.
To be specific, at the meeting, in combination with the class situation, each head teacher not only elaborated on the class situation of this semester, analyzed the final exam results, put forward the existing problems and gave solutions, but also guided the parents to make the best of the holidays, help the children to plan their time properly, combine work and rest, pay attention to physical exercise, and help children develop in an all-round way. In addition, each class teacher emphasized the summer safety issues in that attention should be paid to the pandemic prevention and control with special reference to the safety precautions against drowning. Therefore, the parents' meeting laid a solid foundation for the children to spend a safe, substantial and happy summer vacation. 
In summary, this online parents' meeting was a briefing on the work of the head teachers and an exchange meeting on home-school cooperation, which had a good effect. As many parents put it, 'It's like a meeting despite the screen. The attention of the school and the care of the head teachers make us feel warm!'