College Entrance Examination Report
Here is the report of the 2021 College Entrance Examination of Anqing Foreign Language School: With the joint efforts of all the teachers and students of Senior Three, a total of 316 students took part in the College Entrance Examination in 2021, 202 of whom passed the undergraduate level, exceeding 200 for four consecutive years, with a passing rate of 63.9%. Additionally, the passing rate for first-tier universities was 22.3%, and the art and sports candidates' passing rate was 95.2%. What’s more, 81% of the students who scored more than 600 in the Senior High School Entrance Examination reached the passing rate. More noticeably, all the students in the study-abroad class have successfully passed the entrance exams of Union of American Universities and International College of Columbia, Canada, and are about to set out to study abroad. Cai Haiyue has received offers from University of California, San Diego and University of California, Santa Barbara. Duan Liyan received admission to University of California, Irvine; Last but not the least, Zhao Shijie was accepted by the University of California, San Diego and the University of California, Davis.
Anqing Foreign Language School
3rd July, 2021