Escort the College Entrance Examination
During the 2021 College Entrance Examination, the team who sent students to tests in Anqing Foreign Language School's 12th grade worked together to escort the College Entrance Examination.
To begin with, at 7 o 'clock on the morning of the 7th, in order to stand the last guard for the students, the head teachers in charge of Grade 12 have been waiting early at the entrance of each examination site to bless and see off the students who were going to take part in the College Entrance Examination. ‘Have you got everything?’ ‘Come on!’ ‘Analyze the questions carefully and do well in the tests.’ When the students saw the familiar faces of the teachers, their nervous mood was relieved. The ‘nagging’ which they always felt tired of at ordinary times turned into pleasant exhortation in their ears. Despite repeatedly telling the students to pack light, the teachers were still concerned when they saw them cross the police cordon.
Moreover, on the evening of the 6th, the head teachers were still in the parents' group to remind parents and students of the matters needing attention before the exams, patiently dispel doubts and encourage the students again. On the 7th and 8th, at each examination site, the head teachers who sent the examinees to the College Entrance Examination insisted on standing guard for the whole process, and successfully completed the task of sending students to the examinations.
In a word, on the one hand, Anqing Foreign Language School's teachers escorted all the way outside the examination rooms. On the other hand, the students worked out the questions meticulously in the examination rooms. Teachers and students fight hand in hand, and Senior Three students of Anqing Foreign Language School will be able to realize their dreams in June.