Physics Interest Experimental Activities
On May 26th, 2021, the Grade 6 students of Anqing Foreign Language School's Primary Section came to the physics laboratory in the Junior High Department of the east campus and did some basic physics experiments, the purpose of which is to let the children know some of the instruments and try to operate them simply through the hands-on experiment so as to experience the upcoming junior high school learning life in advance. Theory first, then practice; Emphasize practice and strengthen theory.
In the laboratory, the students listened carefully to the teacher's explanation of physics knowledge, and began to operate under the guidance of the teacher. What’s more, the students behaved in an orderly manner, and carried out the experiment meticulously, whose excitement was palpable.
On the whole, in a short period of 40 minutes, the children got familiar with the operation process and basically completed the measurement of experimental data. On the other hand, they understood that knowledge comes from practice and physics comes from life. It's hoped that the children will develop the good habit of loving life, observing carefully and thinking diligently in the future so that they will be able to do well in the upcoming junior high school physics learning with skills and ease, and learn with success in the meantime.