Mid-Term Exam Analysis Meeting
At noontime of May 21st, Anqing Foreign Language School's Senior High Department held the mid-term examination result analysis meeting in the lecture hall, which was attended by Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong, Deputy Director Xu Haihong, Deputy Director Liu Qiongdan and all the teachers from the Senior High Department.
To begin with, the main contents of this meeting are to compare and analyze the mid-term exam results of Grade Ten and Grade Eleven, and to guide the teaching work of the second half of the semester.
The first item of the meeting was addressed by Deputy Director Xu Zuitai who  initially reported the homework inspection, emphasizing that teachers should pay attention to students' homework feedback. Afterwards, the comparative analysis of each numerical value was carried out on the statistics table of each subject of Grade 10 and Grade 11. Also, the comparison data of the top 100 students in science and the top 50 students in liberal arts in the mid-term examination of two grades were explained in detail. Deputy Director Xu Zuitai wanted the teachers to draw lessons from the data and set their teaching strategies for the second half of the semester.
Furthermore, the keynote speaker of the second item of the meeting was Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong who guided the following teaching work, especially stressing that teachers must pay attention to teaching methods, prepare lessons meticulously, set questions accurately, and take the initiative to manage self-study at night. Finally, Principal Assistant Qian Zhihong reminded everyone to pay attention to safety as well as the pandemic prevention and control.
Overall, while summing up the experience, this meeting made clear the teaching task of the next stage, which effectively enhanced the sense of responsibility. It is believed that with the efforts of all the teachers in the Senior High Department, the teaching quality will surely step up to a new level.