Basketball Culture Festival
The celebration season is the time to pursue dreams. We chase the May breeze and bask in the early summer sun. In such a dynamic season, under the meticulous organization and planning of school leaders and PE teachers, the first basketball culture festival of Anqing Foreign Language School was officially opened on the playground on the afternoon of May 19th in the eyes of expectation of Anqing Foreign Language School's students.
First of all, Director Wang Shengxiang of the Moral Education Department delivered the opening speech in which he hoped that all the athletes should vigorously carry forward the spirit of sportsmanship, and demonstrate style, friendship and skills in the competition so as to achieve a double harvest of excellent results and spiritual civilization. In the meantime, Director Wang Shengxiang hoped that the referees would abide by the principles of openness and fairness, and implement the referees' work seriously, earnestly and accurately to strive to make this basketball league into a ‘civilized, warm, wonderful, complete, and harmonious’ grand meeting.
Second of all, the athlete representative and referee representative took their oaths respectively.
Finally, Principal Assistant Hu Qilin solemnly announced the opening of the first basketball culture festival of Anqing Foreign Language School!
In summary, the basketball league is not only a review of the physical quality and mental outlook of all the teachers and students, a test of the comprehensive qualities of all the players, such as the skill level and psychological endurance ability, but also a grand event to showcase the group consciousness, competition awareness, team spirit and indomitable fighting spirit of all participating classes. What’s more, the intensity of the competition and the solidarity and friendship off the basketball court let us become passionate! It's believed that our basketball athletes will give us wonderful games.