Reading Sharing Meeting
Read a good book, understand a story, share the feelings, find the temperature between the lines of the book, and meet the better self. Anqing Foreign Language School's Junior High Department of the west campus held a ‘Reading Sharing Meeting’ with the theme of ‘Companion of Books and Walk with Wisdom’.
To begin with, the activity started the selection in the Chinese group on the afternoon of 24th December, during which the teachers brought their own reading gains and feelings. After several rounds of competition, on behalf of the teachers with the Chinese group, teacher Fei Fan shared the story 'the Little Prince' for the first reading activity at the faculty meeting on 25th December.
Fei fan used her sweet voice to tell her story in a very infectious way, which she has accumulated over the years. Through this story, she told us that love is the accumulation of time and patience, and love is the truth that needs to be learned.
In summary, the pleasant reading and sharing activity made everyone deeply feel that ‘books have a lingering fragrance in the heart’. Reading can not only broaden our vision, expand our thinking, but also purify our soul and change the purity of our life. Only by making reading a habit can we constantly improve our self-cultivation, thus providing a strong guarantee for building a team of learning teachers and creating a scholarly atmosphere in Anqing Foreign Language School.